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Patsy Greenwald

President – Patsy is a former RPTC President, and an active league player.

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Kathy Gallo

Membership Secretary – Kathy is also an active league and tournament player.


Steve Leffler

Vice-President.  Current Chair of the Rancho Penasquitos Community Recreation Group (CRG)

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Amit Shah

Recording Secretary.  Amit Chairs the Family Advisory Committee.

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Mae Alonsagay

Treasurer – Mae is an active league player.

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John Noerenberg

Member at Large – John is also the RPTC Men’s League Coordinator.

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Dan Talliac

Member at Large – Dan is on the Patio Committee and is also the RPTC Mixed Doubles League Coordinator.

Beth Levine

Beth Levine

Member at Large – retired civil litigator with the federal government, currently a member of Del Mar’s Design Review Board

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Solomon Liu

Member at Large – Solomon is a league and tournament player and a USPTA tennis instructor.