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Register your flex league at RPTC

Members may sign up and play their Flexible League matches at RPTC

Flexible Leagues for RPTC Members

RPTC Members must register with RPTC in order to reserve courts for flexible leagues (this is in addition to fees paid to the different leagues (Agape, AceIt, Brave, Flex, SD Tennis, etc).
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How to register:

FLEXIBLE LEAGUES REGISTRATION—ONLINE ONLY To register using the CourtReserve app on your phone:
1. Click Events, Click Flexible Leagues, Choose the League you wish, follow the prompts.
2. Online Payment ($9) up front required either through your CR Payment Profile or single cred-it card entry.
3. Email your roster to the Connie Komen:
To register using your computer:
1. Log in, Click on Events, Click on the Flex League you wish to enter.
2. Online Payment ($9) up front required either through your CR Payment Profile or single credit card entry.
3. Email your roster to Connie:
*Registering for DOUBLES in AceIt?
1.If you and your partner are both RPTC members, each will register under doubles, each pay-ing the $9 RPTC fee.
2. If your partner is a non-member, register on CR , “doubles with non-member partner.”
You will pay the RPTC fee of $18 for the season which covers your opponents for the sea-son. Your partner will be required to pay the $8 guest fee for each match played at RPTC. To book a court for Flexible league Matches: Must be registered with RPTC before reserving a court for a league match, otherwise $8 guest fee for opponents each time.
1. Reserve a singles match as you normally would (1.5 HOURS); AND
2. In the ``On Behalf of`` box, list:* Child's name (if parent is reserving)* Name of the League* Your opponent's name
3. Doubles matches may reserve 2 hours. Please be careful to reserve the correct amount of time to avoid overbooking suspensions BOOKING NO-Nos...To avoid reservation suspensions, do not: book a league match after a season has ended book a league match with a player not on your roster (or play repeatedly w/same person)Thank you and have a fun season!
You can email your roster to