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How to participate?

We have weekly drop in doubles play that is open to both members and non-members no partner is needed. Open play is a Board approved event that has become very popular at RPTC and runs smoothly without the need for anyone to take an active role in running the event. Open plays (Tues/Sat) are open to non-members for a fee. Read how Open Play works below.


Members are Free
The Guest Fee is $8.00
Pay at the monitor station located on the upper patio.
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Saturday Morning Open Play

Pick up doubles Saturday Mornings 7am until noon. Show up any time and play as long as you want.

Tuesday Night Open Play

Tuesday Night Open play doubles is for all levels, men and women, from intermediate to advanced players. 16+ year old minors may play if accompanied by a parent or guardian. 7 pm to 9:30 pm. Warm ups should be limited to 5 minutes if people are waiting.
Signups for the event are not mandatory but will greatly aid the club in allocating the correct number of courts. Sign up on CourtReserve to let us know you’re coming:

How Open Play Works

  • Open Play is pick up doubles just show up no partner needed. Free to members and $8 guest fee for non-members.
  • Please pay the monitor upon arrival
  • Place your name on the white board. Players are rotated in based on the order on board. One no-ad set is played tie-break at 5-5. Once finished players will wave the next group of 4 to take the court.
  • Important: If you are on the patio next in line and waiting for a court to open, it is up to you to keep an eye out for a court to open up. When you see players shaking hands, you should grab your bag and wave to the court to let them know you (and possibly others) are heading over
  • Unlike normal tennis etiquette, it is okay to walk through courts in between points to make your way from the patio to the open court. For this specific event, it saves time and it lets players know you are on your way to the court.
  • Open play is a self run event it is not organized by staff. If you have questions please ask other players. Members usually have answers to your questions and are happy to help!